Thursday, June 23, 2011

MIDSCI partnership with the Young Scientist Program

MIDSCI has announced its partnership with the Young Scientist Program (YSP) at Washington University in St. Louis to provide lab supplies for teachers and students.  These supplies are so critical for learning and promoting a love for science, and so this initiative will prove to enable MIDSCI to pay it forward to a great and deserving organization like YSP.  Recently, at YSP's 20th Anniversary Celebration, MIDSCI kindly provided goody bags for teachers.  I asked two teachers, Omayma Deeba and Jeanne Norris, who are participating in YSP's Teacher Researcher Partnership (TRP) program, their thoughts on the goody bag and how companies such as MIDSCI can really make an impact on science education.  As a bit of background, the TRP program allows middle school and high school teachers to gain experience in a Washington University lab and translate that research into an innovative lesson plan for the classroom.  Since Omayma and Jeanne are currently thinking about how to best incorporate their research into their classes, they are the best people to ask regarding what companies and universities can do or provide to promote science learning and give back to the community.  Omayma, who teaches 11th grade Chemistry and AP Chemistry as well as Physical Science for ESL students at Roosevelt High School, really appreciates having a catalogue in the goody bags.  Her suggestion is that MIDSCI could "communicate with teachers about the items that MIDSCI would like to sell at a reduced price, or with a special price for schools in which most of the students come from low income families."  Jeanne teaches 11th and 12th grade AP Biology and Human Anatomy and Physiology at Gateway High School, and she has great ideas to add.  "Offering internships/shadowing experiences, speaking with students about science career possibilities, volunteering to tutor, or sponsoring science fair participants" are ways she thinks companies could make an impact in public schools and encourage students to pursue science careers in either academia or industry.  "Partnering in such ways will foster community recognition and goodwill for the company, and will inspire students to pursue a career in science by showing them opportunities that they didn't know existed," she says.  I'm really excited to hear about MIDSCI's partnership with YSP, and I look forward to hearing about the amazing things they will do together!

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