Monday, June 23, 2014

Choosing a Latex or Nitrile Glove for your needs

Gloves are an essential part of most laboratories.  4 criteria must be met for high quality gloves:
·         Excellent tactile sensitivity
·         Provide barrier protection
·         Remain non-reactive when in contact with patient or sample
·         Provide comfort over extended wear times
MIDSCI™ carries high quality nitrile and latex gloves.  With all of MIDSCI™’s extensive choices, you will not only be able to find a glove that fits your needs, but it will be a glove that you love!
When picking either latex or nitrile gloves, it is important to know exactly which qualities are most important to you.  MIDSCI™ carries 4 main types of latex gloves:
  • · Luminance™
  • ·  Distinct™
  • ·  Velocity™
  • ·   Vibrant™
    •     Sizes from extra-small to extra-large
    •     All of the gloves are manufactured by Aurelia® and undergo air testing for holes to ensure you receive high quality gloves. 

Worried about tearing? Distinct and Velocity are your best latex options while maintaining great elasticity.  The Velocity™ is also Chlorine washed.  The Chlorination ensures the user can get the latex glove on easily without powder. 

Worried about a latex allergy? The Vibrant™ latex gloves are triple washed to significantly reduce the risk of a latex allergy with super low protein content. 

Need excellent grip?  The polymer coating found in the Velocity™, Distinct™, and Luminance™ allows for optimum comfort and increased gripping actions.  Many of the gloves are also textured to ensure maximum grip. 

Are you instead looking for Nitrile gloves?
MIDSCI™ carries Aurelia®’s extensive line of Nitrile gloves. 
Aurelia®’s nitrile gloves offer:
·         Superior comfort and durability
·         Finger texture
·         Air tested to detect pinholes
·         Extensive quality control check to ensure optimum product
Nitrile gloves are offered from the thinnest nitrile available on the market (Amazing™) to a thicker nitrile glove for superior protection (Robust™). 
MIDSCI™ carries 6 main types of nitrile gloves:
·         Amazing
·         Perform
·         Transform
·         Quest
·         Protégé
·         Robust
Are you looking for high tactile sensitivity?  We would recommend any of the thin nitrile gloves for this.  Amazing™ gloves are the thinnest, while Perform™ gloves offer strength comfort and sensitivity.

Are you looking for high tactile sensitivity while maintaining durability?  Transform™ gloves are thin yet durable.

Are you looking for a glove similar to latex in comfort, fit and cost, but need nitrile durability and latex-free?  Try the Aurelia® Quest™ glove! Quest™ gloves also maintain great chemical resistance and are finger textured for optimum gripping.  The Protégé™ glove also rivals latex in comfort and ergonomics and comes in a powder blue color.

Need a thicker nitrile glove for improved puncture resistance?  The Robust™ offers a 5 mil thickness and micro-textured finish for improved gripping action. 

MIDSCI™ has a glove to fit your needs.  Contact us today at 1-800-227-9997 for a quote!  For a limited time only, we are offering Buy 15 get 5 free (of the same family)!