Thursday, August 4, 2011

MIDSCI donates lab supplies for St. Louis schools

MIDSCI has recently donated through the Young Scientist Program (YSP) at Washington University various lab essentials to distribute to St. Louis schools.  These supplies include 1.7 mL microcentrifuge tubes, 0.2 mL PCR tubes, and boxes of pipet tips (pictured).  Some of us may fondly remember those years of high school science labs, when budding scientists began their careers practicing how to pipet solutions into various tubes.  With our inexperienced, unsteady hands, this required intense concentration!  These exercises are not only a fun way to introduce students to laboratory science, but they are also necessary for the training of future scientists.  Thus, the tubes and tips MIDSCI has provided for students will help with this and is greatly appreciated.  Jennifer Mosher, Coordinator of YSP, plans to distribute these supplies using 3 approaches.  Some tubes and tips will be given to the teachers who, by participating in YSP's Teacher Researcher Partnership program, are on the WashU campus conducting research for the summer.  As a second way to distribute the supplies, Jen plans on bringing them with her when she visits local schools.  Finally, they will be made available to teachers who contact YSP and inquire about lab supplies. 

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