Monday, May 9, 2011

Get rid of water contamination for good!

Have you ever wondered what grows in your lab water baths? Have you thought about how you can be cross contaminating your cell culture media bottles by warming them up in non-sterile water and bring that unwanted microbial growth to your tissue culture cells? Fear no more, Bath Armor Beads are here! 

Dry, metallic beads that replace water in water baths, aluminum blocks in dry baths, or ice in ice buckets. Bath Armor™ Beads are convenient, versatile, and can maintain hot or cold sample temperatures in just about any vessel type. These beads are not only sterile and unable to be contaminated by microorganisms, but also avoid the need of using harmful toxic agents to clean the water bath. Nothing is easier than placing your tissue culture media bottles or conical tubes into a bead bath that has uniform temperature for faster and efficient warming. Ice baths are a thing of the past; place the bead bag in the freezer and its ready to use and maintains cold temperature as efficiently as the warm temps. Out with the contaminated water, in with the beads! 

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