Monday, May 9, 2011

Want a cleaner agarose product to reduce disposal of toxic wastes?

Bullseye Green Choice agarose -- a greener, earth friendly product.

Agarose, an item that almost every lab uses on a daily basis for standard electrophoresis applications as well as highly purified applications of DNA extraction and sequencing. So wouldn't you want an agarose that is cleaner and greener if you utilize it for nucleic acid analysis studies?

Most brands of agarose are manufactured with a drying process that involves harsh organic solvents. In comparison, the Bullseye Green Choice agarose does not involve these toxic solvents and has a longer air drying process thus providing the user with a cleaner and non-toxic product to dispose off after electrophoresis. The altered drying process has been shown to have zero effects on the high quality purification of the agarose as well as excellent performance in standard electrophoresis. 

What's there not to Like about our Bullseye Green Choice agarose? Give it a try and see for yourself.

Use item number: BE-GCA500 
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